Loyal Patient as Manifested through a Calling Card – August 2014

ROJoson Medical Clinic

A week ago (a day in August 2014), a patient, Gina, came into my clinic.  She told me she had consulted me already before. I right away made an apology that I could not remember her anymore.  She then showed me a calling card which I gave her in 2004.  She said she had kept it in her dresser for the past 10 years and she made sure it does not get lost.  I was so happy with what transpired (seeing the 2004 calling card; what she did to safe keep it; and returning to me for a medical consultation).  After  I gave her a 2014 calling card, she said she would still keep the 2004 card as it is not yet worn-out.  The contents are still clear.  I was delighted with this encounter with Gina that I decided to document it.

gina_oro_calling_card_2004_14aug12 (2)

gina_oro_calling_card_2004_14aug12 (4)

gina_oro_calling_card_2004_14aug12 (6)

I have recorded a similar enjoyable moment before…

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