SSSFELICIANO’s MAR: A Lesson of Forgiveness

OMMC Surgery Medical Anecdotal Reports 2014

MAR Title: A Lesson of Forgiveness

Reporter: Sheena Shayne S. Feliciano, MD

Year Reported: 2014


A man in his late fifties approached me in the Emergency Room. I spoke to him, “It’s already midnight Sir, what brought you here?” In a hoarse voice, pointing to his left arm, “Doctor, I need to have a fistula done. I was supposed to have my dialysis this morning but the nurse in the center told me that the fistula isn’t working anymore.” I gave him an early morning smile and with a relief, I told him that creating a fistula for him at this time was not that urgent. I instructed him to come back that morning.

Morning came and it was our conference. Like a child persistently peeping through the conference door, he signaled that he was already ready for his check-up. I immediately showed him to our consultant. He started…

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