EBSaluta’s MAR: Managing the Operations of My Patient in a Limited Budget

OMMC Surgery Medical Anecdotal Reports 2014

MAR Title: Managing the Operations of My Patient in a Limited Budget

Reporter: Eugenette B. Saluta, MD

Year Reported2014



It was almost a month ago when I first met my patient. She was a 50-year-old female who was involved in an industrial accident. She was a retired operator of a machine for weaving fish nets and was just called to return to work that day because one of the machines in the factory had stopped working and she was the only one with experience to fix it. Unfortunately, her hand was caught in the machine causing for it to be mangled under the jaws of the machine. When her hand was freed, a large chunk of her forearm with part of her hand was missing and her hand dangled in an odd direction.

When I first saw her in the emergency room, I had a feeling…

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