Soft Tissue Tumor at the Buttock (IR-2014-07-11)

ROJoson Medical Clinic

IR, an adult female, had a mass in the cheek of left buttock.  The mass has been there for more than 10 years. On physical examination, the mass was discrete, firm, and movable.  Ultrasound showed a cystic mass.  Excision under local anesthesia was done on July 11, 2014.  Intraoperative findings showed a well-encapsulated mass, 15 cm in its greatest diameter, containing yellow cheesy materials with an elongated 4-cm solidified white substance (feels cartilaginous) attached to a part of the inner wall.  Histopathological report shows keratinous cyst with chronic inflammation.





The whole encapsulated mass after removal.

DSC00046Some yellowish cheesy materials from the cyst shown on the right.

DSC00054The opened cyst with the whitish elongated cartilaginous substance.

DSC00059Another view of the cartilaginous substance, which was attached to a part of the inner wall of the capsule and protruding into the lumen of the cyst.

DSC00064Whole picture of the inside of the cyst…

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