Anamnesis and Medical History

ROJoson's Notes on PBL in Medicine and Surgery

When a patient consults a physician for the first time, the physician’s first task is to come out with a clinical diagnosis using “history” and “physical examination.”

“History” is the “medical history” taken by the physician through talking to or interviewing the patient himself if he is capable of communicating, if not, his relatives or guardians.

Physical examination is done by the physician through examining the patient’s body using the four senses of looking, feeling, hearing, and smelling and the traditional physical diagnostic methods of inspection, palpation, auscultation, and percussion.

Anamnesis and Medical History

Today, July 18, 2014, I encountered the term “anamnesis”.  I searched the Net and it seems it is similar to medical history.  I am used to “history” or “medical history.”   I am used to saying “history and physical examination.”  At times, I use the word “interview” instead of “history.”

Studying and analyzing the concepts of the “medical history,””history,”…

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