Head and Neck Self-examination for Filipinos

ROJoson Medical Clinic

Head and Neck Self-examination (HNSE) for Filipinos

Reynaldo O.  Joson, M.D.

July 17, 2014

Definition of Terms

“Head and neck” refers to regions in the human body, the head and the neck.  The head is the upper most region of the human body when the person in a standing position.   The neck is just below the head and connects the head to the chest or thorax.  See picture below.


On the surface, a horizontal imaginary plane just below the jaw can be designated as the boundary between the head and the neck regions.  So, all parts of the human body above this imaginary plane belong to the head region and those below, to the neck region.

head_neck_region_rivera_boundary_rj_12apr15It must be emphasized that the boundary designation is not uniformly contained in one plane.  It is just used as an operational designation by the medical scientists.

Within the head and neck regions are…

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