Concept of Self-examination of a Person’s Body and Its Parts

ROJoson Medical Clinic

Self-examination of a person’s body and its parts means the examination is done by the person himself, the person who owns the body.

Self-examination does not include the act of the person subjecting himself to a diagnostic laboratory test.  It also does  not include the act of subjecting himself to physician’s examination.

Self-examination utilizes all the senses of the person in examining his own body for anything unusual or for a pattern of a particular disease that may be present, that is, if he is familiar with this.  The most commonly used tools in examining one’s body consist of feeling, looking, and touching or palpating.

Self-examination can be done anytime.

It can be done regardless of whether the person has symptoms (perception of presence of a health disturbance) or not.  It is, however, recommended that the habit of doing self-examination be started when the person has no symptoms yet so that there will…

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