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Project Be Happy Every Moment @65to75



Be satisfied!

Be understanding and tolerant to world; others; and myself!

Agree to disagree!

Do not allow depression and sadness to linger for a long time – not more than 3 days – control and convert to trial, learning and opportunity for growth, happiness and satisfaction!

Do good to every creature on earth!

Be productive!

At least 3 happy activity moments per day!

I will live one day at a time!  I will make full use of each day!  I will keep myself busy everyday!  I will be contented with 3 major activities per day. These major activities will be a combination of the any of the following:

1.    Medical practice – clinics, operations, writings
2.    Medical education – conferences, teachings, meetings, writings
3.    Hospital administration – meetings, writings, teachings
4.    Public health education – writings, lectures
5.    Family bonding
6.    Exercise-relaxation

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