Project 10 More Years Alive and Not Crippled @65to75

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Project 10 More Years Alive and Not Crippled @65to75

(Not crippled particularly by stroke and severe arthritis)

Baseline health assessment and status:

BP – Hypertension documented in 2011; Taking Amlodipine 5 mg daily; Latest BP (June 2014): 140/90

Eye – with refractive errors

Joint – tolerable intermittent heel and knee joint pains

Nerve – tolerable intermittent right hand numbness for the past 15 years, relieved by rest of hand

Teeth – with missing teeth; with cap; with root canal; with fillings (last dental check-up / treatment – June 2014)

Soft tissue mass – left proximal forearm – lipoma (2 cm), noted since 15 years, not increasing in size.

Neck node – 0.5 cm, left infraauricular area, since 15 years ago, not increasing in size


Note: History of stroke – father, brother, and uncle (High risk)


Hypertension control – medicines and stress control

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