June 12, 2014 – Independence

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June 12, 2014 – Philippine Independence Day.

June 12, 2014 – I also celebrate the Day with the thought and declaration that I am now independent from three bosses that previously demand my time and work, namely: UPM-UPCM-PGH, OM, and MDH (Administration).  I now have just one boss left, the House Manager, who is my wife and mother to our children.

The independence from the three external bosses certainly will contribute to my program of destressing my life, particularly in the realm of politics, defined as the “often internally conflicting interrelationship among people in the society” (TheFreeDictionary).

The destressing program is one of my strategies in Program Ten More Years Alive and NOT Crippled @65to75 and Program Always be Happy @65to75.

The independence will also contribute to my Program Family Bonding @65to75.


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