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Below are pictures of the Vibram FiveFinger Shoes given to me by Gigi A. in 2012.

The shoes is also known as the minimalist shoes.

The shoes is going on its 3rd year now with me (as of June 2014).

I have used it in my daily walking exercises.

I have used it in walking tours during my trip abroad (late May 2014).

I like it because it is very light to carry by my feet when I am walking and jogging.  It approximates the light feeling that I had when I was running barefoot during track and field competitions during my undergraduate years in Xavier School.

vibram_5finger_14jun22 (1)

vibram_5finger_14jun22 (3)vibram_5finger_14jun22 (4)

Lately, with the erosion of the sole as a result of wear and tear, I used it as an aqua shoes when I went swimming in the beach in Batangas (June 22, 2014).

vibram_5finger_14jun22 (2)

vibram_5finger_14jun22 (5)I don’t know how long the shoes will be with…

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