Breast Cancer Survivor Glyceria Milanes – 22 Years in Remission

ROJoson Medical Clinic

Morning of May 20, 2014, while I was doing some writings in my clinic in Manila Doctors Hospital, Ms. Glyceria Milanes dropped by to say hello to me.  She was in MDH consulting another physician for another health problem.  She brought with her a 1992 picture (see below).  She was afraid I might not remember her.

I operated on Ms. Glyceria Milanes in 1992 in the Philippine General Hospital for her breast cancer.  She was 57 years old then.  She had a preoperative radiotherapy before I did a modified radical mastectomy.  She attended the Annual Get-Together of the MDH Cancer Crusaders Club in 1992.  That probably was the last time I saw her.

Today, at age 79, she has no clinical evidence of recurrence of her breast cancer.  She is now 22 years in remission for her breast cancer.  We both thank God for this long remission.  I was also touched…

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