CMZ Testimonial for ROJoson – April 28, 2014

April 28, 2014, when I was in Ciudad Medical Zamboanga, providing advices, coaching, and mentorship, I was surprised (I did not have any inkling at all) during the lunch break, the staff prepared a short testimonial for me.   Let me repeat, it was a surprise testimonial for me.  I did not have any inkling at all as my mind was focused on just two momentous events during the weekend (April 27 to 28).  I did not know there will be a third momentous event. The first momentous event that I looked forward to was that this weekend I would have a 3-in-1 milestone event, in one trip, gathering and interaction with three organizations that I have provided outreach educational program to in Zamboanga City starting 1991 and who all appreciated what I did and have done.  The three organizations are the Department of Surgery of Zamboanga City Medical Center (ZCMC) with my outreach dating back to 1991; Ateneo de Zamboanga University School of Medicine (ADZUSOM), formerly Zamboanga Medical School Foundation (ZMSF) with my outreach dating back to 1993; and Ciudad Medical Zamboanga (CMZ) with my outreach dating back to 2009.  I was invited by Dr. Alex Cerrillo, the Training Officer of the Department of Surgery of ZCMC to have a learning session with his surgical residents (on April 27, 2014 – 1230 to 330 pm).  I was invited by Dr. Fortunato Cristobal, Dean of ADZUSOM, to be the commencement speaker (on April 27, 2014 – 4 pm).  The rest of the days and hours in the weekend were alloted to CMZ for hospital administration coaching and mentorship.    I consider the 3-in-1 interaction as the first momentous event that weekend.

The second momentous event was the honor to be bestowed upon me to be the commencement speaker 20 years after I helped established the ADZUSOM. What preoccupied my mind most during that weekend was this.

On April 28, 2014, noon time, as mentioned, I was given a surprise testimonial by CMZ.  Thus, this made up the third momentous event.

(I will be writing insights on these momentous events.  In this blog, I write on insight on the CMZ Testimonial for me.  The insights for the other two will be done soon in other blogs).

The CMZ’s testimonial consisted of several speakers (Maya Lim; Alfonso Montuno; Filipinas Rojo; Joven Monsanto; Edwin To; and Jhihann Natividad) who took turns rekindling the good old days of their encounters with me; openly expressing appreciation of my person, personality, conduct, competency, work habit, passion, unusual if not extraordinary traits, etc.; and sincerely thanking me for my contribution to CMZ and at times to their personal development and growth.

I was deeply touched by their testimonies.

The CMZ staff gave me a plaque of appreciation; a cake with dedication (from TTCP and QC); and a 3-in-1 ballpen, flashlight, and laser pointer.  See pictures below.

cmz_testimonial_lunch_14apr28 (2) cmz_testimonial_lunch_14apr28 (3) cmz_testimonial_lunch_14apr28 (4)

cmz_testimonial_lunch_14apr28 (5)

cmz_testimonial_lunch_14apr28 (1)

DSC09371 DSC09372


They also prepared an audio-visual presentation which I uploaded in YouTube.


I really appreciated the CMZ’s Testimonial.  I did not have time to make a good comprehensive response.  I decided to make-up with this blog.

Here is my additional response.

First, CMZ Familia, Muchas Gracias for the Testimonial.

Second, you are most welcome (my response to your thank you’s).

Third, I also say thank you to you.

Thank you for allowing me to interact with you.

Thank you for your trust and confidence in me as your consultant-adviser-partner.

Thank you for your cooperation and collaboration in our shared task of working for performance excellence for CMZ.

Thank you also for the learning that I got from you.

Thank you for helping me in my  project Education for Health Development in the Philippines project.

Lastly, thank you for making me feel very happy and delighted with what I have done so far to CMZ.

I will continue to help CMZ in its Journey towards Performance Excellence.

Dr. Rey



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1 Response to CMZ Testimonial for ROJoson – April 28, 2014

  1. Maya says:

    Change is a funny thing. To excellence and beyond ! Thank you very much Dr. rey.

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