ROJoson’s Message to People Who Greeted Him on His Birthday – 14Jan31

ROJoson’s Message to People (Friends, Colleagues, Patients, and Relatives) Who Greeted and Wished Him Well on His Birthday (January 31, 2014)

Thank you to all people (friends, colleagues, patients, relatives, etc.) who sent me greetings and best wishes through Facebook, SMS, and email.  I really appreciated them.  I tried my best to send back an acknowledgement and a “thank you” note to all.  If I missed somebody, I apologize.  I hope this “thank you” note to cover up for my deficiencies.

Beside thanking you for your greetings and well wishes, allow me to share with you what I did or how spent my 65th birthday on January 31, 2014.

I went out of town with my family.  I brought along family videos of yesteryears in CDs (in DVD format) and external hard drive (in MPEG format), a laptop, and a DVD player.  We watched selected (because there were too many to watch for one day or even weekend) family videos of yesteryears (as early as 1991 – the year we acquired a Handy cam).  We selected videos showing the growing up years of the children (as well as the parents) and family vacation trips here and abroad.  This year, I proposed and this was agreed by all that watching family videos of yesteryears together would be the main agenda in the celebration of my birthday with my family in 2014 and not eat out.  This was the first time we have done this.  We found this activity very useful and meaningful in strengthening the family bond.  We all got to see how and where we were before and how we grew together over the years.  We got to appreciate each other.  We got to cherish the moments, days, and years we were together.   I discovered that this activity can forge a very strong bond for the family.   I recommend this to those who have not done this before.   I and my family have resolved to do this on a regular basis, such as on my 70th birthday, my wife’s 55th birthday, or every 2 to 3 years or closer intervals (such as every month especially if there are many videos to watch).

The other activities that I did on my birthday were doing an assessment of my life at 65 and strategic life planning for the next 10 years.  I first presented my outputs on the two activities and asked all the members of my family to comment with the ultimate answers being whether they agree or not.  As a result of these activities, I know where I stood at age 65 and they know it also.  They have agreed that I have achieved the targets that I set at age 65.  Also, as a result of our discussion on the second activity, they got to know my strategic life planning for the next 10 years and they have agreed and will support me.  For example, my son will help me primarily on my exercise program which is one of my strategies to avoid stroke up to age 75.  My daughter will help me primarily on my control of stress and relaxation program.  My wife, on my diet program.

To end this sharing, I like to say that my 2014 celebration of my birthday with my family was simple yet most useful and meaningful so far.  I thank my wife and two children for this.

Again, to all of you who greeted and wished me well on my birthday, thank you very very much.  Your greetings and wishes make me happy on my birthday because I got that feeling that I am still worth an attention and appreciation from you.  Also, they serve as a moral support and motivation for me to continue to be of service to you and to others.  Maraming maraming salamat.  Mabuhay kayo.

DSC08459Goals at 65 accomplished.

DSC08460Planning for 70.

DSC08463Targetting and planning for 75.













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2 Responses to ROJoson’s Message to People Who Greeted Him on His Birthday – 14Jan31

  1. Shao says:

    well written Doc.

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