Delightful Feedback from Relative of Patient – Lolit Garcia

“Hi Doc.. I also would like to thank you. Remember, late June 2013, my sister and I went to your clinic seeking advise and referral to PGH. My sister was also diagnosed to have breast CA, but because she is a plain housewife, no HMO. no Philhealth, no husband to support, and her kids can not support her. You referred us also to Ospital ng Maynila Medical Center (OMMC) and thru Dr. Ariel Celso. Although it is not completely free but at minimal cost. The most important though is with your referral, my sister received a very good reception at the OMMC Surgical Dept. suring the operation, follow-up check up and during the chemo treatments. We learned then that you were formerly Director of the Dept. What a great help. Thank you also to Dr. Celso for being so accommodating. Next week will be sister’s last chemo treatment. She is fine now, the side effect was not much as I though it would be (only hair fall). Thank you Doc.. I pray that God give you long life.. Of course, I don’t wich that there will be more cancer patients, instead my prayer for this New Year is to make Philippines.. a cancer free country!!.”

Lolit Garcia

January 3, 2014 through FB

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