Evaluation of ROJoson’s Facebook Project – December 23, 2013

ROJoson’s Facebook Project

Evaluation after 30 Months of Usage (June 16, 2011 to December 23, 2013)
December 23, 2013

I have fulfilled all the objectives that were set at the start, namely:

“My Facebook will contain my thoughts, perceptions, opinions, and recommendations (TPOR) on things of interest to me and on things that may be of interest and concern to my patients, to my colleagues, to my friends, and to my family.” [I have increasing “likes” and views from my intended readers.]

I have been using the Facebook as a personal blog to:

  • Facilitate communication and keeping in touch with my patients, students, colleagues in the medical profession, classmates, friends, and with my family;
  • Advance my advocacy on “Education for Health Development in the Philippines,” which I started in 1989;
  • Share on my personal thoughts, perceptions, opinions, and recommendations (TPORs) in the following four areas: Medicine; Hospital Administration; Medical Education; and Life. (with focus on the following specific topics: Breast Wellness; Thyroid Wellness; Hospital Quality Management  System; Hospital Safety Promotion and Disaster Preparedness Program; and Problem-based Learning in Medicine and Surgery)

Areas to improve on the ROJoson Facebook Project for 2014 and beyond:

  1. Post more on the WordPress.com  blogs and then link to Facebook timelines and pages.
  2. Post more on the ROJoson Medical Clinic WordPress.com and other WordPress.com than ROJoson Facebook Notes WordPress.com.
  3. Create  “page links” on all WordPress.com blogs to all ROJoson Websites, Blogs, Facebook and other online writings.
  4. Link Google sites to Facebook timelines and pages.
  5. For stats, focus more on the Worpress.com blogs and Googles sites stats than on Facebook likes and views.

Related Matters:

  • Post more on the other WordPress.com blogs.
  • Post more on the Slideshare and Scribd as these have a lot of viewers.
  • Post more on the Google sites.
  • Intensify Education for Health Development in the Philippines using Internet after retirement on January 2014.

See stats on ROJoson Facebook Notes in WordPress.com (as of December 23, 2013)

[More than 54,000 views]

See stats on ROJoson Medical Clinic in WordPress.com (as of December 22, 2013)

[More than 32,000 views]

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