December Goals-Objectives-Activities

Reynaldo O. Joson, MD

December 23, 2007; December 22, 2013

(Initial notes made in 2007)

December is the last month of the year.  To me, I have always felt that December is the busiest month of the year.

Every December, there are so many activities occurring and happening that everybody, including myself, get overwhelmed and exhausted.  There are mixed and conflicting expectations and wishes from self, superiors, and staff.  Time management is difficult as the goals, objectives, and activities during the month of December are not well defined and properly distributed over the days of the month.

I have resolved that I will systematize my management of the month of December.  I will try to map out a plan or approach that will be applicable to myself as a person and to the organizations that I am connected with.


  1. Review of current year
  2. Plan for next year
  3. Thanksgiving and celebration
  4. Year-end rest


  1. Review of annual goals and plans (including resolutions)
  2. Plan for the forthcoming year (including resolutions)
  3. Initial preparations for the implementation of plan for the forthcoming year, particularly those to be implemented in January
  4. First draft of the year-end report (if there is one to be made)
  5. Thanksgiving, celebration, and reunion
  6. Housecleaning
  7. Rest

Timelines for Activities in December (based on objectives):



Above timeline is just an illustration.  I use it as a guide with flexibility each year on the starting and ending dates of the activities.

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