Delightful Feedback from Patient Anna Cabatu – 13Dec12

Delightful Feedback from Patient Anna Cabatu – 13Dec12

Anna Cabatu

Message to my Doctor- I would like to extend my heartfelt thank you to Dr. Joson for the excellent care, for professionalism, for compassion and kindness have gone “above and beyond” in my eyes in the most difficult trial in my life. Seeing Dr. Joson in his office was nerve shaking for me but he made everything at ease and I went out of his clinic telling in my mind that I’ve found my doctor and I can entrust my life with him and his comforting words “I will do everything” is a leap of faith but “I trust him”.
Thank you for being the prescription of happiness and giving HOPE and extend lives to many people. God is great for putting you as hands of God. Well done doctor! You’re a Champion in Medicine!
I will be forever be grateful and will hold special place for you and MDH for its excellence! God to bless you! — with Reynaldo O Joson.

December 12, 2013



December 18, 2013

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