Cancer Crusaders Club – Tidbits

In 2001, the Cancer Crusaders Club held its 14th Annual Get-Together. It is still going strong. It had about 200 attendees. Ms. Nanette Inventor and Doctor Larry Mallari were the main facilitators.

In 2001, the Manila Doctors Hospital has adopted the Cancer Crusaders Club as its official psychosocial support group for cancer patients and will consider such support group as part of its social responsibility programs. Another strategy for sustenance!




MDH Cancer Crusaders Club marks 17th year

 The MDH Cancer Crusaders Club held its 17th Annual Get-together in December 5, 2004 at the Metrobank Foundation Hall in Manila Doctors Hospital. About 100 participants attended the affair.  Every year since 1988, on the first Sunday of December, cancer survivors of MDH together with their family and physicians would gather at the MDH conference to share and exchange experiences, offer thanksgiving prayer, and have fun.  The get-together serves as a group psychosocial therapy for the cancer survivors. Most of the cancer survivors have previous breast, thyroid, colon, cervical and ovarian cancers. There was quite a number of 20-year survivors. Most were females. There was a 91-year-old breast cancer patient who attended the affair this year. The MDH-Cancer Crusaders Club was started by Dr. Reynaldo Joson and is now headed by Dr. Elsie Dancel.  It is the oldest cancer support group in the Philippines and is a social responsibility project of MDH.  Those interested to join may call 522-47-13 and look for Abet.


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