Cancer Crusaders Club – Proceedings

Cancer Crusaders Club
Annual Christmas Get-Together


1994 Proceedings [ RJoson Welcome Address || Minda Quesada Write-up]

1999 Proceedings

2000 Proceedings [ RJoson Welcome Address]

2001 Proceedings [ RJoson Message || Child Cancer Patient’s Prayer]

2003 Proceedings [RJoson Message]

2004 Proceedings [RJoson Welcome Remarks][Programme][Ms. Elsa Satparam’s Message – Elsa’s Picture ][Green Team’s Song]

2004 Press Releases [Philippine Star – Feb 2004][December, 2004]

Usual Programme

Opening Prayer

Welcome Remarks

Expression of Gratitude

Sharing of Experiences



Awarding of Certificates for Cancer Crusaders 5 Years Up


Exchange Gifts and Raffle

Picture Taking


Cancer Crusaders Club
12th Annual Christmas Get-Together
December 5, 1999


Opening Prayer – Ms Aida Antonio

Welcome Remarks – Ms Donato

Expression of Gratitude – Ms. Emma Lucas

Sharing of Experiences

Elsa Annonuevo

Raidi Bassig

Rio Diaz Cojuangco


Songs by Lito and Paul, Manila Doctors Hospital Staff

Dance Number by Cancer Crusaders

Message – Dr. Reynaldo Joson

Awarding of Certificates for Cancer Crusaders 5 Years Up


Exchange Gifts and Raffle

Picture Taking


17th Annual Christmas Get-Together

MDH Cancer Crusaders Club

December 5, 2004

MDH Metrobank Foundation Hall



7:30                Registration

9:00                Start of Program Proper

Invocation                                                       Ma. Lyn Obedoza

Opening Remarks                                         Dr. Rey Joson

Getting to Know You                                     Ms.Raidis Bassig

Green Team – Presentation

Blue Team – Presentation

Sharing / Testimonial                                    Ms. Elsa Satparam

Game / Raffle

Red Team – Presentation

Yellow Team – Presentation

Sharing / Testimonial                                    Ms. Lucas

Finale Number                                               Paul San Antonio

(Warrior is a Child)

Closing Remark                                            Dr. Elsie Dancel

12 nn               Lunch and Exchange Gift

Group Picture Taking

Mr. Fid Cantara

Ms. Beth Tumambeng

Ms. Chuchi Acevedo

Ms. Raidis Bassig

Masters of Ceremonies


Green Team Songs – December 5, 2004


Sung to the tune of Ocho-Ocho


Si Doktora, aming paborito

Dahil siya’y mabait na tao

Si Doktor J – yan ang champion naming

Ang galling-galing!


Sila ay makatao/makatao/makatao

Ang dalawang doctor naming

Sila ay makatao/makatao

Sila any doctor naming

Sila any doctor naming

Sila any doctor namin

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