Don’t Quit

I first encountered this poem in 1977 when Dr. Romeo Gutierrez gave this to me after I did not win a prize in the UP-PGH Surgical Forum. I almost quit but did not. I went on to win a prize in the PCS Residents’ Night a month later and in the PCS Annual Research Contest two months later for the papers that did not win a prize in the Surgical Forum. I cannot forget this incident and poem. This incident and poem were instrumental in my continuing to pursue research activities in my life as a physician-surgeon. DON’T QUIT. Another anecdote: in 2003, I submitted entries to Asian Hospital Management Awards and Asian Corporate Social Responsibility Awards when I was chair of the Department of Surgery of Ospital ng Maynila Medical Center. I did not win an award. The next year, I joined again. In 2004, OMMC Surgery became the first city government hospital in the Philippines to win the AHMA and, and in 2005, the ACSR. The effects of DON’T QUIT! 


This poem was given to me by Dr. Romeo Gutierrez in 1977 to console me.


This note was given to me by the late Dr. Florentino Herrera, then Dean of the UP College of Medicine in 1977 when I did not win a prize in the research contest in UP-PGH. “Tomorrow is another day.”


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