SMS from Relatives of Patients Who Passed Away

Below are samples of texts that I received from relatives of my patients who pass away.




Doctors cure sometimes, relief often, comfort always (from Hippocrates).  If cure is not attained, at least relief and comfort are given that are well-appreciated and to the satisfaction of the patients and relatives.


Doctors’ goals in patient management are to try their best to resolve health problems in such a way that their patients do not end up dead; avoiding as much as possible disability, deformity, complication, and side-effects of medical management; and in such a manner that the patients and their relatives are satisfied and there is no resulting medicolegal suit.


An indicator of a pleasant ending in the patient management is a text of appreciation from the patient such as this one:


For patients who pass away,  an indicator of a pleasant ending is a text of appreciation from the relatives such as this one:


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