History of GSI Division of the Department of Surgery of Philippine General Hospital

History of the Department of Surgery – Philippine General Hospital – University of the Philippines Manila

Started in 1901, when the Philippine CivilHospital was established on October 1, 1901, by virtue of Act 247 of the Philippine Commission.

History of the Philippine General Hospital Department of Surgery Related to the GSI Division:

1951 – Estrada 1 Services (all general surgical cases except colorectal) and Estrada II Services (colorectal) [Dr. Januario Estrada, Sr.] (renamed GSI and GSII after retirement of Dr. Estrada, Sr.)  [GSI – under Drs. Emilio Horrilleno and Dr. Gumersindo Garcia; GSII under Dr. Porfirio Recio]

1970 – GS1, GSII, GSIII; Section: Head and Neck and Breast Surgery (GSI Service)

1988 – Division of Head and Neck, Breast, Esophagus, and Soft Tissue Surgery (GSI Division)

2004 onward – There is an inclusion of the term “Surgical Oncology” in the name.

2013 – Division of Surgical Oncology, Head and Neck, Breast, Skin and Soft Tissue and Esophago-gastric Surgery (GSI Division)

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