For better health, avoid sitting too long whether at work or elsewhere!

ROJoson Medical Clinic’s Health Advisory: For better health, avoid sitting too long whether at work or elsewhere.


Controversy on Standing-desks

Manufacturers of standing desks point to several studies[citation needed] showing reduced back injuries or less back pain for the users of standing desks. In February 2010, Olivia Judson wrote a post[2] in the Opinionator (an online commentary section of theNew York Times) about the benefits of using a standing desk. A study published in Diabetes Care established a relationship between ill health and a sedentary lifestyle[3] and a study by the American Cancer Society published on July 22, 2010 found that time spent sitting was independently associated with total mortality, regardless of physical activity level.[4]

On the other hand, “scientists in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine examined 17 studies on occupational sitting and cancer, and found little to no connection and some experts in occupational health worry that hours of uninterrupted standing could be bad for your body”.[5] In fact, standing up for long periods can also be a problem,[6] and the health improvements of standup desks haven’t been clearly established.[7] [6]


Meanwhile, if there is a limit to the time a human being should spend sitting in a day, no one seems to know what that is. Katzmarzyk counsels a common-sense approach. “We don’t have specific guidelines—exactly how much you should sit or whatever. It’s more like we do know that people who sit more have more health problems, so you should definitely sit less. It’s like sun exposure,” he says.

The good news is the solution—namely, moderation—may be almost as simple as the problem. Taking frequent standing and walking breaks seems to lift the evil spell of sitting to an extent.


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ROJoson’s Stand on the Issue: 

For better health, avoid sitting too long whether at work or elsewhere.


In June 16, 2013, I started standing alternating with sitting when doing computer work (about an hour for each position with breaks like stretching and walking out of the room, etc.).  I hope I sustain this practice.







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