A Write-up in a Chinese Daily – January 2013 – ROJoson’s Lecture in DOT – Feedback

A write-up in a Chinese Daily in the last week of January 2013 written by Mr. Joaquin Sy regarding my lecture in the Department of Tourism (TIEZA) on Breast Cancer last January 19, 2013.




本市讯: 崇仰总医院 ( Manila Doctors Hospital, 简称 MDH ) 副总裁施成达 (Reynaldo Joson) 医师, 一月十九日为旅游部职员主持讲座,讨论有关预防及治疗癌症,尤其是乳腺癌的知识。每年一月第三周为抗癌意识周,施成达医师是应旅游部的邀请而为旅游部职员主持讲座的。

施成达医师是一位外科专家,其专长为肿瘤外科,包括头部和颈部,甲状腺,乳房,腹部,胆囊,胃肠道,疝,皮肤和软组织等的肿瘤和癌症。他也是医院管理和医院质量管理系统的专家。崇仰总医院之能够获得国际标准组织( ISO ) 和加那拿大国际标准协会 ( ACI ) 鉴定合格, 在很大程度上是靠他的指导和努力。施成达医师不仅在崇仰总医院行医,也在菲律宾总医院和马尼拉医院行医。

崇仰总医院是首都银行集团的附属机构, 由首都银行基金会管理, 多年来向民众提供精益求精的医疗服务。 2005年, 2008年和2011年先后得到国际标准组织( ISO ) 鉴定合格, 2010 年年底又获得加那大国际标准协会 ( ACI ) 鉴定合格。



图片说明:上图为施成达医师。 中图为参加讲座的部分旅游部职员。


+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++As an offshoot of the write-up, as of February 5, 2013, I got 2 feedback from two Chinese readers.

One was a patient of mine since 1999 who has been having check-up with me after I saved her from a breast operation.  She saw me on February 2, 2013.  She liked the article on me and affirmed what Joaquin wrote about me being a compassionate person.

I met the second reader who interacted with me on February 5, 2013.  At about 23o pm, I received a telephone call from the Emergency Room of Manila Doctors Hospital telling me there was a patient with the name of V. Lee, 70-year-old Chinese, looking for me and did not want anybody to touch him except me.  When I went down to the ER, I saw a patient having an asthmatic attack.  I had not met him before.  He showed me the newspaper clipping on the write-up to tell me how he got my name and why he was looking for me.  He is living in a slum in Makati and is financially incapacitated.  He used to work with a Chinese daily.  The write-up on my being a compassionate physician who has helped a lot of underprivileged people prompted him to come to MDH to seek my help.  Even though asthma is not my specialty, I helped him with the ER staff and financial counselor.  He was discharged after control of his asthmatic attack.




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