Dr. George Go Eufemio – In Memoriam – 2013

Dr. George Go Eufemio – In Memoriam – 2013

Today, January 9, 2013, I attended the necrological service for Dr. George Go Eufemio at the Philippine General Hospital Chapel.




With Cristy – former secretary in PGH.




Drs. Melfred Hernandez, Armando Crisostomo, Jose Cueto and Mu Sounds rendering 2 songs, one of which was AMICI.


Old Pictures

NewDoc 2

Circa 1990 – GS1 Consultant Staff – Rey Joson, Nelson Cabaluna, Mike Liquete, and George Eufemio




PGH Surgical Forum – 1979


PGH Surgical Forum – 1978


Philippine College of Surgeons Residents’ Night – George Eufemio awarding plaque to ROJoson – 1978


1977 – George Eufemio as chair with resident staff


1979 – George Eufemio as chair with resident staff


ROJoson Remembering, Appreciating and Thanking George Eufemio

A Teacher, An Inspiration, A Godfather, and A Colleague

Dr. George Eufemio was the Chairman of the Department of Surgery in Philippine General Hospital during the entire 5 years of my surgical residency in the same hospital (July 1976 to June 1981).   He signed my certificate of completion in 1981.

He started the Breast Clinic in PGH (considered the first Breast Clinic in the entire Philippines).  I don’t know when.  My guess is circa 1965 (after he returned from fellowship in Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center).

During my residency, I was inspired by his habit of taking pictures of patients and medical procedures.  These would be in the form of slides which he would use for teaching, research materials, and presentations.  He would put labels on the slides to keep track of them.  I did the same thing (see below).

Here is an excerpt I wrote on medical photography (https://sites.google.com/site/digitalmedicalpresentation/how-i-got-involved-in-medical-photography)

How I got involved in medical photography

My experience with medical photography dated back to 1976 when I was a first-year general surgery resident in the Philippine General Hospital (PGH).  My mentor, Dr. George Eufemio, influenced me into medical photography.  He did not tell me to go into medical photography.  However, just witnessing his collection of medical pictures and the utility he derived from such collection, he used them in facilitating his teaching and research, I realized the importance of medical photography.

Dr. George Eufemio was a disciplinarian with a kind heart.

He would solve problems and make decisions using practical and down-to-each approaches and solutions.

After my residency, in 1982, he invited me to be part of the consultant staff of Department of Surgery of PGH, GSI, or at that time, Section of Head and Neck and Breast Surgery (now, Division of Surgical Oncology, Head and Neck, Breast, Soft Tissue and Esophago-gastric Surgery).  Thus, I became his colleague.

During my earlier years of private practice, he would ask me to join him in his private operations, particularly at Medical Center Manila.  This was to induct me to the world of private practice.

When I got married in 1987, I got him as one of my godfathers.

In 1995, when my father died, he personally went to the wake to extend condolences to my family.

I remember vividly two occasions when he manifested his confidence and trust in my surgical skills.  I appreciated this very much up to this day – the best gift that a former student can receive from his former teacher.  In 1984, he made me do an 8-hour adhesiolysis operation on his patient, Mr. Tanco.  In 2005 or 2006, he called me up in Manila Doctors Hospital from Cardinal Santos Memorial Hospital and asked me to operate with him on Dr. Romero in Cardinal Santos.  He made me do a 14-hour adhesiolysis operation.  These two patients were able to recover.

Thank you, Dr. George Eufemio, my teacher, my inspiration, my godfather, and trustful colleague.

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1 Response to Dr. George Go Eufemio – In Memoriam – 2013

  1. Tess says:

    Thank you for posting this. Dr. Eufemio’s sister is a friend of mine. I thought about her today and came upon this website. His sister married a dear friend of mine. He used to tell me about Dr. George Eufemio but I did not have a chance to meet him or see how he looked like.

    Again, thankyou.

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