The MDH Awards for Excellence – A ROJoson’s Legacy for MDH

The MDH Awards for Excellence – A ROJoson’s Legacy for MDH

December 7, 2012, during the 56th anniversary celebration of Manila Doctors Hospital, I was asked by Ms. Aviec Mariano to present the recipients of the 2012 MDH Awards for Excellence.  She told me it was fitting that I do it because I was the owner of the project.   I was glad she recognized the project as my contribution to MDH.

When I was called onstage to the podium to do the presentation, my opening statement which was not included in the prepared script given to me, was, “It is my pleasure to present the recipients of the 2012 MDH Awards for Excellence.”  Then, I proceeded to read the prepared script verbatim.  I purposely added that opening statement to really express my feeling and I really meant it.   Initially, after I was told of my assignment, I was asking myself, which one was better, to be reading the names of the recipients and what they had achieved or to be onstage to hand the plaque, shake the hands of the recipients, and had photo opportunities with them.  Since a decision had already been made by the organizing committee, I decided to do as I was told.  I just added “It is my pleasure to present ……”

What happened at the end of the ceremonies?  Well, it turned out that I got the best of both worlds.  Some of the winners approached me to thank me for their wins and to have pictures with me as a sign of appreciation (see pictures below).








You can imagine how happy I was during these times, presenting the recipients and having pictures with them, the fruits of my pet project in 2007, the MDH Awards for Excellence.

I initiated the project in 2007.  After that, I passed on the administration of the project to the Human Resource Division.  I stayed by the side, coaching, particularly, Benhur Bernardo on the administration of the award project.  Thank you to Benhur.


(Benhur Bernardo, on the right and John Austria, currently, the Head of Human Resource Division, left.)

From 2007 to 2011, during the annual awarding ceremonies each year, I was already happy just watching the recipients go on stage and get their awards.   It was only this year, 6 years after, that I was asked to present the recipients.  I gladly accepted the pleasure cum honor given to me by Ms. Aviec Mariano.

Looking back, the MDH Awards for Excellence is now on its 6th year.   It started in 2007.


(The first brochure)


(A Sample of the first plaque.)

The MDH Awards for Excellence cover awards and recognition received by medical and non-medical staff, departments, units, or committees of Manila Doctors Hospital who have been for excellence by external agencies.

There are 3 categories of recognition under the MDH Awards:

Category 1: Staff’s achievement of awards of excellence in the practice of his/her profession in Manila Doctors Hospital from a local or international external agency.

Category 2: Staff / Department / Committee project’s or program’s achievement of awards of excellence from a local external agency with staff / project being supported by and nurtured in MDH.

Category 3: Staff / Department / Committee project’s or program’s achievement of awards of excellence from an international external agency with staff / project being supported by and nurtured in MDH.

This Awards encourages all MDH staff, departments and committees to develop excellent initiatives, projects and programs, and aims for external recognition of excellence.

Some historical backgrounder to the MDH Awards for Excellence:

In 2004 and 2005, when I was chairman of the Department of Surgery of Ospital ng Maynila Medical Center, I was winning external awards for department, specifically, the Asian Hospital Management Award (AHMA), Asian Corporate Social Responsibility Award, and Anvil Award.  I remember, one day, in 2005, when Mr. Aniceto Sobrepeña learned about what I had been accomplishing for OMMC, he prodded me to also help Manila Doctors Hospital achieve external awards.   I included submission of entries to external awarding bodies as one of the initiatives and targets in the MDH balanced scorecard starting 2005.  I coached departments on projects to submit to AHMA.  We were not getting awards prior to 2008 despite the submission of entries.  In 2007, I initiated the creation of the MDH Awards of Excellence.  On the first year of the Awards, we had only awardees in Category 1, mostly physicians.  We did not have awardees in the Categories 2 and 3 (which were my priorities).  In 2008, for the first time, with the paper of Mr. Nestor Rebotido winning an AHMA, we now had a winner in Category 3.  It can be said that Mr. Rebotido’s wining an AHMA created a stampede in MDH.


From 2009 to 2012, every year, we have awardees in all the 3 categories and plenty of them.



Although I like to consider the MDH Awards of Excellence as one of the legacies that I will leave behind for MDH, I like to acknowledge the contribution of all staff  of MDH and support of top management, with particular mention of  Mr. Aniceto Sobrepeña, Ms. Aviec Mariano, Mr. Manny Villegas, Jr., Bernadette Manlapat, staff of Corporate and Strategic Planning Office, Quality Management Office and Corporate Communication.


The Continual Improvement Project which Dr. Bernadette Manlapat and I initiated in 2009, with the staff of Quality Management Office, also contributed to having continuous flow of recipients in the MDH Awards of Excellence.

DSC00389CIP Contest – 2010)




For me, in my personal opinion, the MDH Awards of Excellence has somehow, if not definitely, promoted a culture of excellence in MDH.

After today, I told myself, I have done something for MDH.

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