Indigent Patient Incidents

Indigent Patient Incidents

ROJoson’s Thoughts, Perception, Opinions and Recommendations:

  1. There will always be “indigent patient incidents” in all hospitals, be it in the private and government settings, but definitely more common in the latter.  The “indigent patient incidents” are a result of the presence of indigent patients in the community and which abound in government hospitals.  These are the patients who don’t have enough money to secure the needed medicines, supplies, and tests if these cannot be given for free.
  2. The costs of providing and getting healthcare are very high.  For these reasons, no hospitals, particularly government ones, can claim they would be able to provide all healthcare medicines, supplies, and tests to all patients who go to them, more so if they intend to give everything for free.  It will be extremely difficult to sustain hospitals with such an approach.
  3. There is a need for the governing body in the hospital to find ways on how to help the “indigent patient incidents.”
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