Physician Pad in my Clinic and How I Use It

Physician Pad in my Clinic and How I Use It

For so many years now, probably 15 years or more, I have been using physician pads without the usual “Rx” on the left upper corner that one sees on prescription pads and on the pads being used by majority of physicians in their clinics.  See picture of my pad below.

Below, see my pad on the right hand side of the picture.  The one on the left hand side has the usual “Rx.”

Most physicians have physician pads with a “Rx” on them, thus, making them appear like prescription pads or they really intend to use them as prescription pads.

My reason for using pads without “Rx” is because I intend to use them more for assisting me in explaining and advising my patients than for prescribing drugs.  If need to, I can easily convert them to prescription pads by placing a handwritten “Rx” on it.

The other reason for using pads without “Rx” is because I don’t prescribe medicines left and right.  I prescribe drugs only when necessary.  I rely more on explanation, education, and non-pharmaceutical measures like practicing healthy lifestyle and eating healthy diet to restore and maintain health of my patients.

Another reason for using pads without “Rx” is because I intend to use them for “records” purposes -as patient records, for me as well as for my patients, and as evidences to show that I have explained and advised my patients properly on their diagnosis, paraclinical diagnostic procedures and treatment.  Note in the picture above, I use a carbon paper.  I give the duplicate to my patients with an advice for them to read further at home and to keep it in their files.

Look at one sample of a patient record I made using my physician pad below,  Note the data on concern or chief complaint of the patient for consultation, physical examination findings, diagnosis and explanations and advices.  Note too, the signature affixed by the patient acknowledging and, hopefully, understanding my explanation.  With a signature, a patient record also serves as an informed consent form.


Copies of ROJoson Medical Clinic Physician Pads

2012 or earlier to 2015

2015 to 2019


October 2019 (changed in telephone numbers)



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