Hospital Perimeter Flood – Risk for Loss of Business Opportunity

Today, September 22, 2012, a breast cancer patient (LG) came to me for follow-up / check-up.  I did an extirpative operation on her about 2 months ago in Manila Doctors Hospital.  After the operation, I referred her to a medical oncologist in Manila Doctors Hospital for chemotherapy.

When I asked her where she is having her chemotherapy, she said in St. Lukes Global.  I said why?  She blurted out.  I had a bad experience with the perimeter flood in Manila Doctors Hospital.  I just kept quiet as her concern and reason was valid.

She showed me how much she spent during her last chemo – P54,000.00 (revenues for St. Lukes Global).  She is going to have 4 more cycles of about the same amount.

By the way, the medical oncologist whom I referred her to is also connected with St. Lukes Global.

In this particular patient, MDH is loosing the business opportunity because of the flood.  I don’t know whether the medical oncologist is a compounding factor.

Food for thoughts for MDH Administration and other hospital administrators for that matter.

Hospital perimeter flood – risk for loss of business opportunity!

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