MDH – SMT Egroup: At 9th Year, What Now?

As the MDH-SMT Yahoo Egroup celebrates its 9th year anniversary, I decided to review it again.

1. I created it in October 29, 2003 with the following vision, objectives, and policies in mind:

This is the electronic group communication and mailing system (egroup) of Manila Doctors Hospital’s Senior Management Team.

The Senior Management Team consists of the Hospital Director, Medical Director, Administrative Director, Assistant Administrative Directors, Finance Director, Division Managers, Head of Corporate Strategic and Planning Office, and Head of Quality Management Office.

The President, Senior Vice-Presidents, and Assistants to the President are included in the egroup.

Likewise, the “executive secretaries” of the Hospital Director, Administrative Director, and Medical Director are included in the egroup.

This electronic group communication and mailing system is part of the knowledge management system of the MDH Senior Management Team.

KMS for the SMT is inter-communication, sharing of information, and collaborative learning, three parts in one system, with the objective of increasing the governance capability of the SMT, both individually and as a team, and ultimately, and hopefully, with an impact on the continual betterment of MDH and achievement of the its vision-mission.

Generically used, KM is the process through which MDH will generate value from its intellectual and knowledge-based assets. Generating value from such assets involves inter-communication, sharing them among the staff, and learning from each other.


Confidentiality and security of communication and information in this egroup shall be maintained at all times. This egroup is NOT posted in the Yahoo! Groups Directory. Only subscribed members can access the egroup.

There shall be NO posting and discussion of financial matters with monetary figures.

There is a back-up mechanism since 2003 in case of loss of the Yahoo! Group.

2. The MDH-SMT egroup has been part of and played a role in the MDH Journey Towards Excellence.  It facilitated the major project on ISO.

3. It has served well as an efficient communication tool.

4. What needs to improve is the knowledge management objective.  Only a handful of members in the MDH-SMT egroup are actively participating.  We need more of information sharing and “TPORs” (thoughts, perceptions, opinions, and recommendations).  Please see the page (2 segments) on knowledge management which I copied from a book entitled 36-Hour Six Sigma Course by Greg Brue and Rod Howes.  A lot of things being presented in the SMT bi-monthly meetings should be shared in this egroup not only to save time, but also for facilitation of alignment, coordination, coordination and integration.

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