A 39-year-old with santol seed perforations of the large intestine – August, 2012

Last week of August 2012, the surgical team at the Department of Surgery of Ospital ng Maynila Medical Center operated on male patient who was 39 years old presenting with right lower quadrant abdominal tenderness. Preoperative impression was acute appendicitis.  However, intraoperatively, it turned out the patient had 5 perforations of his sigmoid colon from five swallowed santol seeds.

A segment of the large bowel was resected and then a colostomy was done.

Another sad news for me and for all of us!

Showing the sharp end of the santol seed puncturing the wall of the large bowel.  Look at the mid-lower part of the picture.

Showing the 5 santol seeds inside the intestine, each one causing a perforation each.

When will this unfortunate event stop?

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