“Quotang-quota na ako!” – Jesse Robredo

Q: Do you have any regrets that he (Jesse Robredo) went to DILG?

Leni: None. I know he lived a full life. He fulfilled all his dreams. Just last Sunday, the one before this Sunday, we were having a talk. He said, “Quotang-quota na ako!” He said he no longer had any dreams for himself—just for his children. It was as if he was saying that his cup is already overflowing.


I like “quotang-quota na ako” in the context of living a full life and one that matters. I look forward to the day when I can also say “quotang-quota na ako”.

That first night, I knew he was gone—Robredo’s wife | Inquirer News
Moments before his plane plunged into the sea off Masbate island on Saturday, …………………..
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