Batakan ng Utak – Philippine College of Surgeons Metro Manila Chapter – August 25, 2012

With OMMC Surgery residents in the Bayanihan Hall of Unilab, August 25, 2012 – Jesse, Jenny, Glenn, Princess, Sheena, and Oni.  Ariel Celzo was not included in the picture but he was there.  The team was able to enter the finalists’ round but unfortunately did not win a place.  They tried their best.

I arrived at 4 pm upon the call of Jenny so as not to disqualify the team in the final round.  The rule was there must be a consultant in the team.

This was my first time to attend the PCS Batakan ng Utak.   The project has good objective: to provide a medium for social and intellectual interaction among the PCS-MMC members and training residents / fellows from the different accredited surgical specialty training programs in Metro Manila.

I made an observation and recommended to the organizers to use one or even two textbooks  being recommended by PCS or Philippine Society of General Surgeons for general surgery residents as the source and basis of the quiz (outside the trivia).  Example: Schwartz’ Principles of Surgery, 9th edition.  All residents will study the Schwartz’ textbook from cover to cover, not only in preparation for the quiz contest but also in preparation for the Resident-in-Training Exam (RITE) which is also being held annually.   This way, the residents are hitting two birds with one stone.  This will improve their chances in winning the quiz and also the chances of passing the RITE and eventually, the certifying Philippine Board of Surgery Exam.


Below are some notes that I was able to retrieved from my files.

In 2004, the OMMC Surgery team won 3rd place.  The plaque was being presented to Dr. Cristia Padolina, OMMC Hospital Director, by Dr. Rommel de Leon, who was part of the team.


“Batakan ng Utak” – a Surgical Quiz Contest


“Batakan ng Utak” is a Metro – Manila – wide inter – hospital surgery quiz contest organized by the Committee on Continuing Surgical Education (CSE) of the Philippine College of Surgeon – Metro Manila Chapter (PCS – MMC).  In 2012, it was running on its 12th year.


To provide a medium for social and intellectual interaction among the PCS-MMC members and training residents / fellows from the different accredited surgical specialty training programs in Metro Manila.


Department of Surgery

Ospital ng Maynila Medical Center

Ref: m04-139

Date: November 2, 2004

TO: All Consultants and Residents

FROM: Department Chair

RE: Batakan ng Utak

This formal report is a month late.  Better late than never.

Last October 1, 2004, our Department won 3rd place in the PCS 8th PCS MMC Bayer Surgical Quiz Contest “Batakan ng Utak”.

2nd place went to PGH and 1st place went to Quezon City Medical Center.

Our team consisted of Dr. Adrian Yu, Dr. Dennis Hernandez, Dr. Derrick Chua, and Dr. Rommel de Leon.  Dr. Marlou Padua was there to support the team.

The team won a plaque and PhP 4,000 cash prize.   I have authorized the cash prize be distributed equally to the members of the team.


Reynaldo O. Joson, MD, MHA, MHPEd, MS Surg


Department of Surgery


Reflections and Report of Dr. Derrick Chua – 2005

It was the 8th PCS MMC Bayer Surgical Quiz Contest at a little known hotel on July 17, the Saturday immediately after my duty, and a day before 48hrs more of duties.  The 3 resident contingent (and a tag-along) had no ready means of transport, so we shamelessly requested the consultants to conduct us to and from the venue. They even treated us to lunch.  What did we learn aside from right answers to the test questions?  That PCS has plans to make “Batakan” a national event, that,,,

The key is consistency.  Many of the questions are common medical knowledge and any slips accrued make the difference in qualifying for the next round or not.

The difficulty is in knowing when to push your intuitive answers against those of your teammates.  Our score improved with each succeeding subset of questions as the game progressed.  Perhaps this was due to a better sense of your groupmates’ thinking processes and body languages with repeated interactions.

Our weakpoint was sports and medical history.  It goes to show that we had very limited variety of interests, were all pretty unconcerned with sports activities (except for one member who preferred to stay at the bleachers) or history.   It also realized my greatest fear, that of us not getting the 30% on general interest questions.

All-in-all, it was satisfying to qualify against all those (almost 30) hospitals.  It was interesting to meet all those former acquaintances again.  . With all the inaccurate but uncontestable quiz questions, rule bendings, and poorly defined contest prizes, we must keep in mind that it is just a game.  Play and enjoy as it comes and don’t take qualifying beyond the semifinals as any sort of goal.


PCS-MMC Surgical Quiz Contest

“Batakan ng Utak”

Annual Event

OMMC Surgery has been joining it since 2004.

Year – nth Quiz Place Residents Consultants
10th PCS-MMC- Bayer Surgical Quiz Contest – 2006 4th place Dr. Derrick Chua

Dr. Rommel de Leon

Dr. Roberto Gonzalez

Dr. Dennis Hernandez
9th  PCS-MMC- Bayer Surgical Quiz Contest – 2005 No place Dr. Derrick Chua Dr. Rommel de Leon?
8th  PCS-MMC- Bayer Surgical Quiz Contest – 2004 3rd place Dr. Derrick Chua

Dr. Rommel de Leon

Dr. Marlou Padua

Dr. Adrian Yu Dr. Dennis Hernandez
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