Colon Cancer Survivor Fidencio Cantara – 24 Years in Remission

Mr. Fidencio Cantara was 63 years old in 1988 when I operated on his sigmoid colon cancer in Manila Doctors Hospital.  He developed complications from the operation but  eventually recovered. He was a veteran emcee in the Annual Christmas Get-together of the MDH Cancer Crusaders Club.  He was in remission from his colon cancer for 24 years up to the time of his death in the US in May, 2012.  He was 86 years old when he died.  The cause of his death was not his previous colon cancer but chronic pulmonary lung disease.  We thank God for this long remission.

Below are notes from his daughter, Dr. Trixie Cantara Yam.

Am sure dad would have loved to be included in your registry Dr. Joson.  Of course I still remember some details of dad’s surgery.

It was June 1988 when he became symptomatic and had to leave cut short his trip in the states. He went home immediately after the wedding and went to see Dr.V.Gloria where he was worked-up and found to have this cauliflower-like mass in his sigmoid.

You operated on him sometime in July or August 1988 and he was 63 yrs.old then. A few days after or a week, there was a leak in the anastomosis and you had to do an x-lap on him together with Dr. Chan, you had to transfer my dad to MCM due to the hospital strike. Do you remember that? My dad kept saying both of you were his saviours.
Then he had the colostomy for about 3 months but am not sure if that was fixed before Xmas. Prior to surgery he was weighing about 120-130lbs (he was about 150lbs before he started losing weight drastically) and he was just 97lbs when he was discharged. He was on TPN then. So that is a total of 3 surgeries including the re-insertion of the colostomy. He was on remission for 24yrs. Never had chemotx or radiation as he had CIS. If my memory serves me right he had AdenoCA of Sigmoid.

Even when he was in the States he would have his regular CEA and LFTs work-ups and always they were normal. 

Do you want a younger picture of him? Knowing dad, he would like to look good. I can send you a picture of him.

From Trixie Cantara Yam

In 2009 in USA

Fids Cantara in the front row (encircled).

With his grandchildren, in 2009.

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