Debriefing and Evaluation of MDH Code Water (August 7 to 9, 2012)

Debriefing and Evaluation of MDH Code Water (August 7 to 9, 2012)

Posted on August 10, 2012

Debriefing and Evaluation of MDH Code Water (August 7 to 9, 2012)

August 10, 2012, from 1:30 to 5 pm, the MDH Safety Promotion and Disaster Preparedness Committee (SP-DPC) under the leadership of Dr. Hian Ho Kua (Administrative Director) and Dr. Faith Gaerlan (Chair of MDH SP-DPC and Chief Safety Officer) met to do a debriefing and evaluation of the activation of Code Water that lasted from August 7 to 9, 2012.  During these days, more than 60% of the roads in Metro Manila were flooded as a result of continuous southwest monsoon rains.  The two main roads in the perimeter of Manila Doctors Hospital, namely, United Nations Avenue and T.M. Kalaw Street, were also flooded.

Note: Code Water is the official response code of Manila Doctors Hospital for rain-flood-wind emergency-disaster-crisis.

The SP-DPC used the preparedness cum evaluation checklist for rain-flood-wind emergency-disaster-crisis formulated by yours truly in evaluating what transpired during the recent Code Water. The consensus was that the checklist was practical, comprehensive, and easy to use.  To see the checklist, visit:

The overall assessment were the following:

Although business opportunity was affected resulting from the massive floods that had hindered travel in the Metropolis, for its clients, Manila Doctors Hospital can be considered as a safe hospital during rain-flood situation.  It has an effective rain-flood preparedness and response plan that ensured continuity of health care delivery services.  Facilities were maintained operational during the entire duration of the emergency.  It had adequate staff to continue to provide services.  A testimony to these last two statements is that an open heart surgery was done during this time (August 8, 2012).   No patients, visitors and staff were considered “trapped” in the hospital.  They “stayed put”  in the hospital as it was safer to stay than to go out in the floods.

Areas of improvement were identified that will further strengthen the rain-flood-wind emergency preparedness and response of Manila Doctors Hospital.

Three notable  changes that occurred and were introduced during this recent response to flood and appreciated by the team and the internal stakeholders, including the physician-clients, were the following:

1. Improvement of the incident command system.

2. The rain-flood-wind emergency preparedness cum evaluation checklist (see link).

3. The  activation, updates and deactivation SMS  (see below).

Personally, I congratulate the whole MDH Team for a job well done during the Code Water activation.

Note: Below are some just pictures on the incident.  Other pictures, especially of the “heroes,” will be published in the MDH website and Good Health Gazette.

Dr. Rey

Adviser, MDH Safety Promotion and Disaster Preparedness Program

August 10, 2012

Members of the MDH Safety Promotion and Disaster Preparedness Committee

Picture of the flood along United Nations Avenue.

The incident commanders in the MDH lobby.  The subsequent incident commanders were Dr. Bernadette Hogar-Manlapat, Dr. Terrrence Cham, and Dr. Hian Ho Kua.  The overall incident commander was Hospital Director Pilar Almira.

Sample of SMS – Update (note the presence of date and time)

Sample of SMS – Update (note the name of incident commander)

Sample of SMS – Deactivation

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