Six Toes and Six Fingers – Concept of Normal vs Abnormal Health Condition

Adult female person with 6 toes and 6 fingers at birth.

Unusual findings

No complaints

Socially and economically productive

Therefore, considered NORMAL health condition.  See concept of normal vs abnormal health condition below.






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3 Responses to Six Toes and Six Fingers – Concept of Normal vs Abnormal Health Condition

  1. reyojoson says:

    Is this considered abnormal? Is this considered a disease? Is this just unusual?

  2. reyojoson says:

    Sir, this seems to have some similarities with the concept of circumcision. Patients are healthy, but there might be social implications.
    Any unusual finding can result in social complaints/ ostracism (especially for children growing up, for which the patient is past). The unusual finding might be socially counterproductive, especially the easily visible fingers. Argument ranges from simple behavioral conformity to eugenics.
    Economical productivity of the whole person should not be affected beyond the above aspect, but the functional productivity of the anatomical part might be in question. Are the extra digits functional and how often do they just get in the way? Derrick Chua

  3. reyojoson says:

    Derrick, thanks for the feedback.

    There is really a confusion and hazy distinctions on these concepts. That is why I simplify it with the algorithm seen in the table – Unusual- No symptoms on physical, mental, social wellbeing- Socially and economic productivity. I know the algorithm is not absolute and not everybody will agree. However, I find it useful when I solve health problems of my patients and in advising them. If there is something unusual and it is not bothering them, my advice is no medical treatment, especially invasive ones.

    The extra digits are functional. They don’t bother the patient. They don’t get into her usual routine. The patient is now 50+ with breast cancer in remission.
    Dr Rey

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