Rectal Cancer Survivor Arthur Tanco – 28 Years in Remission

Rectal Cancer Survivor Arthur Tanco – 28 Years in Remission

In 1984, Mr. Arthur Tanco, 62 years old then, was operated for a rectal cancer.  He ended up with a permanent colostomy.  After the first operation, he developed an intestinal obstruction secondary to adhesions.  I was a member of the surgical team who operated on his intestinal obstruction.  The operation lasted 10 hours.  In 1988, after I formed the MDH Cancer Crusaders Club, Mr. Tanco had been a regular attendee in the club’s year-end gathering.  The picture below shows Mr. Tanco giving his sharing during the 1988 Annual Christmas Get-together of the Cancer Crusaders Club.  Last month, I learned Mr. Tanco left us at age 90, 28 years in remission after his operation for rectal cancer.  He had been on dialysis for more than 4 years before he died of infection. His wife called up the other day to donate Arthur’s collection of colostomy bags.  She claimed that Arthur had no problem with his rectal cancer.  She was thankful to God for the 28 years of remission of her husband.  We pray for the eternal repose of the soul of Mr. Arthur Tanco.

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