Disaster Epidemiology in Asia-Pacific Region

Disaster Epidemiology in the Asia-Pacific

Do you know that:

  • 82% of disaster events in Asia and Pacific are caused by just 4 hazards: mass accidents (37%), floods (18%), storms (19%) and earthquakes (8%);
  • floods are significantly associated with extended periods of excess morbidity from communicable diseases while storms and earthquakes cause displacement of large populations into temporary shelters for long periods, which causes significant public health risks;
  • 95% of morbidity and mortality in the first week after a disaster is due to trauma;
  • 72% of disasters in the Region involve less than 50 trauma victims (deaths plus injuries);
  • 60% of these trauma victims need only simple first aid or primary medical care, while 85% of disaster deaths occur before the victim reaches a hospital.


ROJoson’s notes: The data may have been gotten in 2001 or earlier.  However, the statistics are still more or less the same up to this day (2012).

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