ROJoson’s Windsurfing History and a Trophy of Yesteryear – 2007

ROJoson’s Windsurfing History

I started learning windsurfing 1997 or 1998 or 1999 (have to verify which year) but definitely not in 2000 or after.

I saw my classmates and colleagues, Willy Sison, Freddie Martinez, Froilan Innocencio, and Alex Tuason windsurfing in Anilao.  I decided to learn how to windsurf too.  I remember it took me four months on a weekly practice to finally stand on the board with ease. Mang Pat, the caretaker of Janao Bay Inn, where the family would usually stay over the weekends, taught me windsurfing.

After I learned how to windsurfing, I pulled Lance from his “gameboy” and taught him how to windsurf.  He was 13 or 14 then.  In one-month time, Lance knew how to windsurf already.  Later, I enticed Therese to learn how to windsurf also.  The two learned faster than I did.

Back to me, I joined windsurfing regatta in Anilao and Puerto Gallera under the Category of Class C, later Executive Class (the senior citizen class).

I cannot remember the last time I joined the windsurfing regatta.  Most likely, in 2008 (will check).

Will I join again?  I don’t know.

Below is the trophy that I got in 2007 – Champion in the Executive Class.  That was 5 years ago.   A trophy to cherish the good old days!

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