Today, July 1, 2012, is an S3R Day for my Life Plan!

Today, July 1, 2012, is a Stop, Review, Re-evaluate and Renew (S3R) Day for my Life Plan!

The life plan that I will be and am reviewing, re-evaluating, and renewing is the one that is entitled: ROJOSON’s Strategic Life Planning for 2011 to 2019.

This was drafted in December 26, 2010 and finalized in January 31, 2011.

The full document can be seen in

Below are excerpts from the document:

Starting February 1, 2011 up to January 31, 2019 (that is, if I get to reach this date), my reminder code is 8-3-1-3-1.  This means starting February 1, 2011, as I live my life, I will be guided by my 8 and 3 year strategic plans and implementing them using an annual, quarterly, and daily plans. 

8  – 8-year-strategic plan

3  – 3-year-strategic plan

1  – yearly plan

3  – quarterly (every 3-month) plan

1  – daily plan (live one day at a time  – live by the day, live by the moment)


When I make my 8-3-1-3-1 plans, I will be guided by the following:

  • what matters most
  • prioritization and balancing of things that I plan to do
  • alignment and integration of different plans
  • degree of stress  on my well-being (physical and mental)
  • what I can realistically do and change (in myself, in my family, and in the community)
  • others that I can think of as I make my plans

My approaches in formulating and implementing my 8-3-1-3-1 plans:

I will just use two broad domains or key result areas:  Financial and Personal Well-being.

I will start with the 8-year strategic plan then cascade it to the 3-year strategic plan down to the yearly, quarterly and daily plan.  The 8-year strategic plan will contain the broadest or most general plans and goals; the 3-year strategic plan, more specific or detailed plans and goals; the yearly plans, most specific and detailed.

I will align and integrate all action plans that may be formulated.


As of 10:30 am, I have completed 90% of S3R of my life plan.  Some of the results of the S3R I kept for personal reasons and others, I will publicly share as part of my “Education for Health Development” project (with focus on the area on how to live life or life notes).  Some of them will be shared in this post.  Others, in subsequent posts.


Years and months left (based on 70-years-old target): 6 years and 7 months.

Years and months left (based on 65-years-old target): 1 year and 7 months.  [Compulsory retirement from government service: University of the Philippines Manila and Ospital ng Maynila Medical Center]

Number of marbles left with each marble representing one week: 340 (80 for government service)

See history of counting marbles.




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