Cost of Radiotherapy – Linear Accelerator – San Juan de Dios Hospital – FYI

Cost of Radiotherapy – Linear Accelerator – San Juan de Dios Hospital – FYI

Posted on June 16, 2012

For Information

Here is a cost quotation shared to me by a patient who is presently undergoing radiotherapy (linear acceleration) after a total mastectomy and axillary dissection for breast cancer at San Juan de Dios Hospital.

June 15, 2012

Total of 33 sessions

Planning – P17,500

Charge for use of machine – P1,500 / day  x 33 days = P49,500 (whole course)

Professional fee – P1,000 /day x 33 days = P33,000 (whole course)

Total = P 100,000 (whole course)


[Note: Will await other cost quotations from other hospitals and other sharers.]

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23 Responses to Cost of Radiotherapy – Linear Accelerator – San Juan de Dios Hospital – FYI

  1. Patrick says:

    Thanks… My father will be undergoing radiation soon in Manila as there is none available in Bacolod… Hoping for somebody to share their quotation as well… many thanks to you for sharing this…

  2. Eric Roy Lopez says:

    Thank You for this, my Father will undergo linear treatment in Manila too, there is no hospital offering this kind of treatment in Region 5, I hope someone can “UPDATE” this list, as of 2013. Thank You very much!

  3. Liezl Lina says:

    My mother will undergo radiotherapy soon. Is there anybody out there who can recommend of a credible hospital in NCR for this treatment? It was so overwhelming for me to learn that she has a stage 1 cervical cancer after undergoing a surgery a month ago. I don’t have any idea of this kind of treatment and the cost. I am worried of the side effects as well. Please enlighten me.

    • reyojoson says:

      Dear Liezl, Try to contact Dr. Johanna Canal. She is a radiotherapist. She can help you. Search for Johanna Adevoso Cañal and PM her. Tell her I recommended.

  4. sir reynaldo is there a good radiation therapy facilities here in region 3? thanks a lot sir.

  5. Jee-Ann Rodriguez says:

    Hi po.. My 18 y o sister will undergo radiotherapy (LINAC) due to a Pilocytic Astrocytoma in left thalamus of her brain.. We will be leaving for manila next week.. We are not that financially blessed carry the cost of thw therapy.. Can anyone recommend a good hospital for less fortunate people like us? I afraid of my sister’s medical condition.. Pls help..

  6. aireen extra says:

    my mother need radiotherapy asap, where hospital in NCR would u recommend and how much is the cost, her case is papillary thyroid carcinoma IVB,

  7. Chate Planas says:

    I see that cost posted here was in 2012. May I know if the cost is still the same and if Philhealth discount is included or excluded on the amounts. Please help, we are travelling to Manila from Bicol very soon. Thank you!

    • reyojoson says:

      Of course, the cost is different now. I just don’t know how much as I am not connected with the radiotherapy facility. I just share info. You can Google me for my 2016 write up – radiotherapy facility in the Philippines – ROJoson.

  8. Rowena S. Dinopol says:

    hi po…my mom’s doctor requires her to undergo radio therapy, san po bang hospital dito sa La Union pwedeng mag inquire? may id po xa ng philhealth at senior citizen…thanks po😊😊😊

    • reyojoson says:

      Will ask around. Meantime do the same. Big hospitals in La Union or DOH hospitals. What is the nearest province to La Union?

      • reyojoson says:

        Here is what I got from Dr. Henri Co, a radiotherapist in Manila: Bethany hospital in la union is supposed to open their radiotherapy facility this month. The closest one is either premiere general hospital in cabanatuan or sacred heart hospital in pampanga. I hope this helps. Dr. Rey

  9. Teresita Gadfi says:

    I need radiotherapy .I was diagnose breast cancer .how much it will cost

    • reyojoson says:

      I don’t own any radiotherapy unit. I refer patients for radiotherapy when needed. I think the cost is approximately 30T to 40T with PhilHealth and Senior Citizen.

      • Patrick says:

        it depends upon the size/area to be radiated on… that 30K~40K is a very inaccurate estimate… you can ask for assistance from PCSO as well… they do help cancer patients up to an extent… all the best!

  10. Teresita Gadfi says:

    Pls I need to undergo radio therapy next week .how much it will cost the whole course

  11. Maricar Usi says:

    Hi mr. reyojoson. I have a friend who will undergo radiotherapy therapy in bacolod. Is there any facilities or hospitals that offers that treatment in Bacolod? thank you po!

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