LANTAKA! Memories on Zamboanga

Dr. Al Montuno gave me this as a gift last April 2012 after I operated on his wife, Suzette.


From 1991 to 1997, when I was on an educational mission in Zamboanga City, I usually stayed in Lantaka Hotel.

The place is memorable to me.

The last time I stayed in Lantaka Hotel was in October 2009 when I conducted a strategic planning workshop of Ciudad Medical Zamboanga.

I still looking for pictures of the Lantaka Hotel circa 1991 to 1997, especially, with me in the pictures.  I will ask my friends from Zamboanga and slowly fill up my blog with such pictures.


September 24, 2012, I went to Zamboanga City to meet with people in Ciudad Medical Zamboanga.

Left Manila for Zamboanga at 445am (nearly did not make it as I woke up at 4 am with the flight at 445am; I was allowed to check in despite my late arrival at 4:15am in the NAIA2 and boarding time at 420am).  Came back to Manila at 10 pm.

I arrived at Zamboanga at 620am and proceeded to Lantaka where I rested for a while up to 900am before I was fetched by the Medical Director of Ciudad Medical Zamboanga Dr. Filipinas Rojo.  I also had my traditional Filipino breakfast in Lantaka.

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