Giving Duplicate Copy of Patient’s Diagnosis on Consultation

Giving Duplicate Copy of Patient’s Diagnosis on Consultation

by Reynaldo O Joson on Sunday, April 22, 2012 at 10:53am ·

Yesterday, when I opened my “messages” in my Facebook, I got this feedback.  This was sent to me as early as last February 24, 2012 which I failed to see and respond until yesterday (April 21, 2012).

My name is Willie Chua. I am the father of your new patient Diana Rose Chua for Breast examination. I am amaze that you are the only Doctor I know who gave the patient a duplicate copy of his diagnosis. Personally, giving the patient a copy of the diagnosis is a good idea. It show the care and respect of the doctor to the patient.

By the way, my daughter mentioned that you are doing a medical information advocacy. Can you let me know more about your advocacy.


I am newly registered to the facebook .But You can contact me at


At the bottom of the page are scanned samples of what Mr. Chua was referring to.

In my clinic, I use pads without the Rx because I intend to use them primarily for advices and education.  If I have to use the pads for prescription of medicines, I just write Rx on the left upper corner. I do a lot of explanations, advices, and education during a patient consultation to promote understanding and wellness, particularly, the mental aspect.

I use a carbon paper to give my patient a duplicate copy of the explanations, advices, and education I made.  I ask them to keep it for their records and to study it further at home.

Also, I ask my patients to sign as a manifestation of understanding, agreement, consent, partnership, etc. before I give them the duplicate copy.

I am still trying to trace back when I started practicing the above, probably, 1995?   (at least not later than 2005!)


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