“White” and “Colored” Paper Waste Baskets

“White” and “Colored” Paper Waste Baskets

In a previous blog entitled Earth Hour and ROJoson and Health Care Organizations, I said I will give more details on my Going Beyond the Earth Hour Program.

In our house, I have these two waste baskets that have labels “White” and “Colored.”  The baskets are mainly for paper wastes.  For white paper wastes, I place them in the “White” basket.  For colored paper wastes, I place them in the “Colored” basket.

The main reason why I am segregating the waste papers into “White” and “Colored” is because the former fetch a higher peso value in the junk shops.  A junk shop I usually go to for recycling materials gives P7.00 per kilo for white paper wastes and only P1.00 per kilo for colored paper wastes.  The colored paper wastes are usually classified as “trash.”

My wife bought the two waste baskets last year and all members of the ROJoson’s family have been using these baskets for segregation of paper wastes.

Outside our house, in my office and clinic in Manila Doctors Hospital, I also do segregation of paper wastes.

My recommendation: Do the same in segregating “White” paper wastes from “Colored” paper wastes.  You can use any kinds of waste baskets, boxes, or containers.

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