How to Make an Inexpensive Bra for Post-total-mastectomy Female Persons – Courtesy of Ms. Edna Mae Sheker

How to Make an Inexpensive Bra for Post-total-mastectomy Female Persons – Courtesy of Ms. Edna Mae Sheker 

This write-up was given to me on March 20, 2012.  She gave me permission to post it online for sharing purpose.  Thanks, Edna.
Ms. Sheker is dedicating this write-up to Milrose and Susan who helped her make her first post-total-mastectomy bra.
Dr. Rey

Things you will need:
1. Padded bra
2. Bra pads (available in department stores)
3. Shredded or cut foam
4. Needle and thread
5. Scissors
6. Optional – T-shirt type cloth
The bra pads shown below come in pairs and different sizes, either S, M, L or starting with 32, 34 up. They come in white, black or skin tone color.
Slit the inner lining and stuff with shredded foam. The quantity of foam will depend on the cup size needed. You may adjust the stuffing as needed.
(Experiment before buying more. I find that I have so many shapes and a few sizes depending on my present weight.)
Seal the slit when done.
Prepare both as you will need several. You may keep spares.
These are washable.


A padded bra is most practical to use as the shape of both cups are the same and they stay in place better.
Unpadded bras tend to become uneven in shape and size and your natural breast may not match the other side.
Buy a size that you normally would have even before the operation. You will have to ensure that you will look as natural as possible
Select a bra with a loose lining so it will be easy to use. Just slit a small cut towards the lower side. This slit is for the opening of the bra pad.
Be careful not to slit too big. The pads are soft so they will enter easily. Insert the prepared bra pads through this opening.
Now you’re all set.. No one will know you’re wearing your homemade prosthetic. Just be sure to adjust the straps so that the cups are even in distance and you don’t look lopsided.
It is natural in the beginning that these may not be aligned. Don’t worry you’ll get adjusted to this and it becomes second nature to adjust your bra.
This bra is an alternate type of bra. These are bras that do not have loose linings so you may have to make a  cover for the side that you will place a pad. Check out your old bras.. You may not need to buy new ones.
Use a soft cotton material or use any old cotton sando. These are best because they absorb moisture from the body and dries easily.
Good luck and happy dressing ladies..
Tip.. The inexpensive bras are best… just make sure the cups are balanced and not too close to each other.
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3 Responses to How to Make an Inexpensive Bra for Post-total-mastectomy Female Persons – Courtesy of Ms. Edna Mae Sheker

  1. rojoson says:

    Good day sir,

    The home-made padded bra pics with how to instruction is very informative and a practical way of providing holistic approach in handling breast cancer survivors. During and after my residency sir, I haven’t encountered patients inquiring or asking me about what to wear or how to maintain the look and fullness in the absence of, I am only surprised during follow ups, upon examining post-mastectomy sites that they put on padded bras and sometimes cut out breast model sponges. There are several websites that sells post mastec camisoles with varying sizes, colors and features,like drain pouch, nanofibers and velcro detachables. There are US and china mades to choose from, prices ranging from 30 t 65 US dollars including shipping. It is still quite expensive and not readily available to the local market.

    Sir, there are group of patients who have access to the the online world for blogs and social network, we can recommend websites for their continued support and even provide answers to their questions, the group It has many followers and members that shares stories, discuss post mastectomy issues e.g., deciding to reconstruct or not, what to wear, (silicone padded bras sags or out of position because of its weight and others felt uncomfortable because of of the smell when it perspires during humid and hot climate)and they offer suggestions to make women look and feel great after the surgery.

    Thank you sir and God bless!

    Your loyal follower sir,

    Russel Alegarbes
    March 18, 2012

  2. suz54 says:

    i can do this. this is easy. thank you very much!

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