Sharing from Karla (Hodgkins’ Lymphoma) during the MDH Cancer Crusaders Club 24th Annual Get-Together and Christmas Party

Sharing from Karla (Hodgkins’ Lymphoma) during the MDH Cancer Crusaders Club 24th Annual Get-Together and Christmas Party

by Reynaldo O Joson on Sunday, December 25, 2011 at 11:25am

Good morning!

I am Karla Beatrice de la Cruz, 21 years old.  Supposed to be graduating this March 2012, however, due to unavoidable circumstances I had to stop schooling.

Last March 2010, I was rushed to the hospital because I had palpitations and chills after taking the medicines prescribed by a doctor. Result of x-ray showed that a big mass was found in my left lung so the attending physician told my mom that I have to be admitted for further observation and series of test.  I underwent not only once but thrice CT scan. It took two months before the doctors concluded that I had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  It was a cancer that attacks the lymph nodes.  At first, it was hard to accept. I cried a lot because I will not be able to finish my studies and fulfill my dreams – that is to become a nurse and to serve and help other people who are in need. People who love me especially my family, my relatives, my friends and my mom’s officemates offered prayers and comforted us. Inspirational messages sent are overwhelming. Even the doctors comforted our family.  I was touched by what Dr. Cheng told me.” Mabuti ka nga alam mo na may sakit ka, samantalang ang iba diyan tumatawid lang sa daan biglang nabundol ng bus, namatay.”  It took awhile to sink into my mind what doc said.  Despite of the family’s effort to comfort me, there was a time that I feel empty.  I was confused. I don’t even know what to do.

Like you, I also experienced so much pain in chemotherapy and radiation, shared in the family’s anguish brought about this illness. The only difference is that in your case you had your dreams almost fulfilled, you had your career, you have children, while here I am about to begin my journey but has to stop because God has a message and other plans for me.  At first I can’t believe what’s happening to me. There is denial in my part. Mom kept on telling me that we have to accept God’s will and His will be done. So I have to learn to accept and embrace my cross and started to surrender everything to Him.  From then on I felt that God gave me strength and courage to face my toughest battle ever. I become strong and getting better every day. Now, I look at my life and trials as a gift that I will always treasure. I become closer to God and did what pleases Him. I also pray every day. My life has transformed to a better life according to his plan. I now live by the day and always thanked God for a new life. I believed in miracles because when I was under surgery the doctor told us that it’s not cancer of the lungs.  I also did not experienced baldness after 8 months of chemotherapy. I believed that I am completely healed and I entrust my life to God as I know with Him I will never go wrong and He will never leave me. He will protect me from harm and will help me prosper and fulfill my dreams. I will give you three significant words in my life that really inspire me and hope that you do it too. ASK. PRAY. BELIEVE. TRUST IN THE LORD AND YOU WILL BE HEALED.  I thanked God for my family especially my dad, my mom, my sister, my relatives and my friends who supported us in this trial. I also thank the Manila Doctors Hospital’s Cancer Crusaders Club for inviting me to share my experiences during my battle with the big C. Before I end this, I’ll like you to listen to a song that all of us would reflect on. Thank you.


December 4, 2011

Manila Doctors Hospital Penthouse

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Dear Doctor Joson,

I really appreciate the kindness extended to me during the Annual Cancer Crusaders Club’s Party. I enjoyed the party and I was able to meet new friends. I hope and pray for your success.

Thank you very much!

With kind regards.

Very truly yours,

Karla Beatrice De La Cruz


Hi Tita Beth,

Attached herewith is my speech last December 4, 2011. I thank you for the warm welcome during the party. I was touched by everybody’s care and kindness to me. I enjoyed and was very much happy of the event. It was my first time to attend a much joyful party.

With best regards.

God bless!

Karla Beatrice De La Cruz






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2 Responses to Sharing from Karla (Hodgkins’ Lymphoma) during the MDH Cancer Crusaders Club 24th Annual Get-Together and Christmas Party

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  2. Mommy Gloria says:

    I miss you so much anak. Without you, life is empty. It is hard to accept and to continue moving on. The pain still lingers. I love you. Thank you for your love, for being a good daughter and for all the sacrifices.

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