My Pleasant Experience in Getting an NBI Clearance

My Pleasant Experience in Getting an NBI Clearance

by Reynaldo O Joson on Friday, December 16, 2011 at 2:17pm

Today, December 16, 2011, at about 1030 am, I went to the NBI along United Nations Avenue to secure an NBI clearance.  I had other NBI branches to go to, such as in Padre Faura and Otis.  I decided to go to the UN branch as I was already in Manila Doctors Hospital, which is just across it, and I saw no significantly long queuing lines along UN Avenue outside the the compound of the NBI.

I was able to get my NBI clearance in less than one and a half hours.  Being a senior citizen helps.  Being a doctor also helps. Of course, the presence of 3 accommodating and helpful staff also was a big factor in facilitating securing my NBI clearance in a very short time.  I thank Mr. Ronnie Manuel, the NBI staff at the Information Area, who assisted me in getting an application form filled and then submitting it in the senior citizen lane in the Data Processing Area.  In the Data Processing Area, I thank Ms. Ella Tamondong for processing my application in the quickest time possible.  After knowing that I am a breast specialist in Manila Doctors Hospital, she expressed her intention to consult me for a second opinion regarding her breast concern.  She is currently seeing another physician in Medical Center Manila.


With the NBI office hours going half-day today, she said she would try to finish processing my application by 12 noon. Since it would be an hour away, I told her I would go back to MDH first and do something and just come back.  I left my cell phone number with her.  By 11:30 am, she texted me saying I needed to have an interview because there was another person with the same name as mine in the NBI file.  I went back to Ella at 1145 am.  She directed me to the Quality Control Area for interview.  There, I was interviewed by another accommodating staff by the name of Ms.Gloria Oriol. During the interview, I discovered for the first time in my life, there was another person in the NBI file having the same first and last name and same provincial address as mine.  This person has records of estafa, tresspassing, damage to property, and robbery, among other things.  During the interview, I was able to convince Ms. Oriol that I am not that person.  Again, during the interview, after Gloria learned that I am a breast specialist, she asked me about the prognosis of her mother-in-law who was recently operated for a stage 3 breast cancer in Palawan.  She also asked my opinion on the chemotherapy being planned for her mother-in-law.  In short, Ms. Oriol had a brief medical consultation with me.

This 2011 experience in getting an NBI clearance was a pleasant one in the sense that I was able to get it in one and a half hours, the amount of time being acceptable at least to me, considering that there was another person with the same name as mine.  It was also pleasant in the sense that I was assisted by very accommodating NBI staff in the persons of Mr. Ronnie Manuel, Ms. Ella Tamondong, and Ms. Gloria Oriol.  Thanks to all of them!

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