Christmas-gift Soliciting Envelops in Hospital and TPOR on Medical Consultants Giving Christmas Gifts to Hospital Support Staff

Christmas-gift Soliciting Envelops in Hospital and TPOR on Medical Consultants Giving Christmas Gifts to Hospital Support Staff

by Reynaldo O Joson on Thursday, December 8, 2011 at 1:58pm

An example of a  gift-soliciting envelop (with Merry Christmas greeting and wish) from a unit in the hospital sent to the offices of medical consultants (mine, as an illustration, gotten December 8, 2011).



A very common event every December.


It has been the tradition by a lot of medical staff (consultants) to give gifts voluntarily every Christmas season to the support staff of a hospital who have assisted them in their patient care and in their other activities in the hospital.


I suggest all hospital administration provide their medical consultants a system that will facilitate a donation procedure intended for its support staff, one that will:


  1. Make it easy for medical consultants who want to donate to do so without being hassled with how much to give,  which donees,  where to give the donations, potential jealousy and comparison among the support staff.
  2. Avoid support staff asking medical consultants for “pamasko” which may be irritating to some, if not all, the doctors.
  3. Avoid support staff sacrificing the quality of their services running after medical consultants for their “pamasko.”
  4. Avoid the “bribing” and“favoring” side effect of the gifts on the support staf who are given gifts.  Corollary to this, avoid the jealousy and “sadness” side effects on the support staff who are not given gifts.
  5. Reach  to as many hospital support staff as possible, including those in the back offices.

I suggest that all Christmas donations (whether cash or goods) from the medical doctors be on a voluntary basis.  Any amount will be accepted.



I suggest all donations be chanelled to a specified office, such as the Medical Director’s Office, Medical Staff Association Office  or Human Resource Division or the heads of the units that medical doctors want to give.


The medical consultants are free to specify to which units they want to give Christmas gifts as an expression of their appreciation to the units.  They are also free to specify to which units they want to donate to provide some form of assistance.  They can also authorize a designated office in the hospital to pool their donations and to distribute the latter equally or in an appropriate rationing manner to all the units with support staff.


 These are my 2011 thoughts, perceptions, opinions, and recommendations on a system for facilitating medical consultants giving Christmas gifts to hospital support staff.  Easy, no bribing, no favoring, no jealousy, no sadness, everybody happy!   Support staff appreciating the medical consultants all the more!

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