15 Routines to Enhance Visual Fitness

15 Routines to Enhance Visual Fitness

From Dr. Mercola

Here are healthy vision habits I recommend you practice to optimize overall visual fitness.

Making a commitment to follow these practices will start you on the road to relieving your visual stress.”


While Working, Reading, and Studying:

  • When possible, do not wear your distance prescription lenses while reading or working at the computer.
  • Avoid reading, studying, or working at the computer for longer than fifteen minutes without taking a quick break. During your break, look out a window or up at a distant object, allowing it to come into focus. If possible, get up and just walk around for a minute or two.
  • Make sure you have good lighting while reading or studying. Whenever possible use natural or full-spectrum lighting.
  • Have your desk facing into a room or out of a window. Remember to take frequent breaks to look off into the distance while working. This is an important one and typically easy to implement, so put it high on your priority list.
  • Choose a chair that does not limit movement. Your feet should be flat on the floor and pointing straight ahead.
  • When you read, make sure that you are seated in a comfortable chair with your back erect. Poor posture often leads to holding reading material too close.
  • When reading, tilt your book up about 20 degrees and look up at a distant object as you turn the page.
  • Take a one to two-minute break from reading or studying every 15 to 30 minutes. It will allow you to read for longer periods of time.


When Travelling:

  • Avoid reading or other near-point activities while riding in a car. Instead, look off into the distance and relax your eyes.
  • Whenever possible, take a short vision break by removing your glasses when someone else is driving the car you are in.


During Leisure Time:

  • Remove your glasses or contact lenses whenever you don’t really need them. Experiment with this at home when you eat or talk on the phone. This will give your eyes a chance to relax.
  • Do not sit any closer to the TV than 6 to 8 feet and sit upright.
  • When walking outdoors, view a distant object close to eye level. Look at it softly. Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Spend some time outdoors each day without your glasses or contact lenses, so that your eyes can experience natural unfiltered light. Remember, put safety first.
  • Do something that you enjoy every day without wearing your glasses or contact lenses. This will give your eyes a short visual break, allowing them to relax.

Source: http://products.mercola.com/eyeport-eye-exercise /?e_cid=20111125_DNL_FDML_spotlight&source=nl

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